And so the rock n roll library tour bus rumbled in to St Helens last week. Friday May 30th precise. And joy flooded the library walls.

Loud In Libraries has already left a tuneful indie pop footprint in St Helens when DUTCH UNCLES played the venue in 2010 (or was it 2011?) and it is a cool space that lends itself to biblio-pop experiences. There is even a bust of an esteemed old bloke as a backdrop to stage Rocking up last week were THUMPERS ably supported by CUT RIBBONS and THE LOTTERY WINNERS.

A major role for Loud In Libraries in the broad library landscape is to work as a...

“Most unusual space I’ve played in for a while. Loved it.” - Nick Mulvey

Liverpool Central Library
Sunday 9 March 2014

I was actually excited to be attending my first gig in a library, and knowing the venue quite well made me all the more eager to experience this first.

I’ve been a fan of Nick Mulvey’s music for nearly a year, and having had the opportunity to interview him via email, I was high on the...


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