Rae Morris @ Kendal Library Review & Video!

Usually people from the South Lakes would have to travel for hours to be able to see a top music act… but on the 1st May this changed! The South Lakes were lucky enough to have Rae Morris perform at the quaint, Kendal Library.

It’s funny to imagine that Kendal library, a place of calm and quiet, could be transformed into a place of music and (a little) mayhem, but thanks to the Get IT Loud In Libraries scheme, this happened. On a Friday evening, Kendal Library was transformed into the perfect venue for an intimate performance by Rae Morris. Get It Loud in Libraries transforms libraries in to music venues for one night, so that new and emerging artists can perform in areas across the nation that might not have an abundance of live music provision. It also gives young people a chance to volunteer at the gigs where they can gain new skills, whilst having fun and seeing their favourite music act perform. On the night, people excitedly lined the streets of Kendal to see this sold out gig. Everyone seemed to be really excited to see Rae perform in such an interesting venue, and many people were also happy not to have to drive for hours to see such an amazing artist. As the crowds gathered, they weren’t quite sure what to expect from a gig being held in a library but were they were very happy to find out! Cathy Jones said: “I can’t wait to see Rae tonight, absolutely buzzing”.

Once the doors had opened, people flooded in to see the supporting act – The Half Earth. They filled the library with gentle, dream-like melodies, which instantly captivated the audience. Conor Stephenson’s powerful vocals contrasted with the gentle sounds coming from the guitar and keyboard, which entranced the whole audience as they played their first song ‘Ends’. The audience seemed really captivated by the song ‘Borders’ that got everyone swaying along to the music.

Next up was the main act…Rae opened with her song, ‘Skin’. The song tells a story of love and heartbreak with lyrics like “she keeps me from drowning” and “we break our hearts and pretty much everything”. For me and the crowd, it seemed as though Rae really felt strongly about what she was singing as her powerful voice resonated throughout the library. With a powerful start to her set, Rae continued by performing some of her more upbeat, indie-pop songs such as ‘Unguarded’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Cold’ which the audience really seemed to get into and enjoyed dancing to the catchy beat. The use of the guitars and drums which supported Rae’s voice and keyboard playing gave a depth to her music, making her songs seem so much more atmospheric. Rae finished with her most well-known song, ‘Under the Shadows’ which all of the audience loved as they danced and sang along to the music. “The gig was incredible”, was one person’s leaving comments, and another said that Rae had “such a stunning voice”. And to top it all off, a parting comment from one attendee was that it was the best gig they’d ever been to!

So, I think its safe to say that a fun night was had by all who were at the gig, and Kendal would be happy to have more music artists coming to visit and place in such unusual and atmospheric settings.

Lucia Harrington (Young Digital Producer)

And in case that review wasn’t enough, the young digital producers caught up with Rae ahead of her sell out gig at Kendal Library. Check out what she had to say…

An Interview with Rae Morris from wehearttech C.I.C. on Vimeo.

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