And so the rock n roll library tour bus rumbled in to St Helens last week. Friday May 30th precise. And joy flooded the library walls.

Loud In Libraries has already left a tuneful indie pop footprint in St Helens when DUTCH UNCLES played the venue in 2010 (or was it 2011?) and it is a cool space that lends itself to biblio-pop experiences. There is even a bust of an esteemed old bloke as a backdrop to stage Rocking up last week were THUMPERS ably supported by CUT RIBBONS and THE LOTTERY WINNERS.

A major role for Loud In Libraries in the broad library landscape is to work as a cultural tastemaker for libraries in areas where live music provision might not be all it could be. We are proud of our CV to date and trust our instincts where great pop music is concerned and the 3 bands playing last week raise the New Music banner with melodic aplomb. All three acts, principally THUMPERS, are gaining critical acclaim and positively received radio play and deserve an all age’s audience.

It was lovely to hear the Thumpers lads adding advocacy to the programme on camera before the show. Just because towns are small doesn’t mean they don’t deserve high quality music provision Essentially we simply book bands we think our audience would like to see and hear play. If it sounds good between our ears, it will sound good between yours, right?

Pleasingly, a digital workshop to support the ST HELENS show was delivered by our splendid LIL partner WE HEART TECH. It is fine delivering top new acts to the community’s doorstep – JESSIE J, ADELE, THE VACCINES, CIVIL WARS, NOAH ND THE WHALE amongst others are testament to this fact, but it is a major educational outcome for the project to allow young people to learn new skills, film, digitise, develop confidence and excel in a cool gig environment.

And that’s what is happening. Because we can and we love to encourage young people to lead.

If we had an equation it would look something like:

And by the way, If you are young and talented and wanted to learn new skills and be involved with award winning gigs please email Stewart Parsons.

Support new music, support your local library. You won’t be disappointed. More gigs with great new emerging bands are planned–Tickets available for shows East India Youth & SIVU available at See Tickets or on our ticket page

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