For over 15 years, Get It Loud In Libraries has been bringing the best emerging and established artists to your local libraries, and through our Academy programme we offer training and work experience opportunities for young people wanting to get involved in creative industries.

Since 2005, Get It Loud In Libraries has been programming high quality, live music events in libraries in towns and cities throughout the UK. We consistently demonstrate a unique talent for identifying new and emerging artists on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream.

Our programme is delivered in geographic areas that are generally outside the major metropolitan centres, with low live music provision – especially for young people and families. Incorporated into our work is the GILIL Academy which supports young people’s participation and talent development in creative and cultural activities. Through doing this, the programme seeks to challenge and change perceptions of libraries and to engage new audiences, particularly young people in using these unique and valuable community assets.



Since our first gig, our programme has reached more than 25,000 people. For us, the music’s the key thing – no age restrictions – no spilt beer – no rip-off ticket prices – just an intimate space with great quality breakthrough bands and a boogie amongst the book shelves.



We have worked with over 20 libraries across the UK to bring top-notch events and training right to their door step. Libraries can get involved in our programme by being a part of our core programme, commissioning us or applying to join as an independent member.



This programme supports young people to gain skills in film, photography, social media and blogging. It also provides opportunities for young people to support the event management of our gigs, with marketing activities, ticket sales and merchandising.


In 2018 – 2022 we aim to increase access, participation and engagement opportunities in libraries by delivering a highly inclusive and innovative live programme that reaches out to all.  Our goals are to work with library, arts and cultural partners across the UK to deliver innovative creative live music events that:

1. develop new audiences in libraries, especially young people and

2. enable young people to participate, learn and succeed culturally, digitally and socially

3. strategically increase the cultural capacity and community profile of libraries

4. support cultural tourism by mapping a new network of library venues across the UK


More people discover the cultural capacity of libraries through our advocacy work.

More people experience music in a library through our live events.

More people participate in our programmes through the GILIL Academy.



Stewart Parsons

Company Director

Stewart founded the Get It Loud In Libraries programme in 2005 and has been programming awesome artists in libraries ever since.

Lizzie Griffiths

Academy Manager

Lizzie’s runs the GILIL Academy, providing media and music industry training and career progression opportunities for young people.

Riley Ramone

Web Development

Riley’s tech skills are the backbone of our website and online ticket sales, supporting the team to develop our audience online.

Conor Giblin

Project Support

Conor works with the team across all areas, from ticket sales to promotion, digital media-making to running gigs.

Hayley Trowbridge

Digital Engagement

Hayley designs & delivers the GILIL Academy’s digital training activities, supporting young people to develop top-notch media skills.

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