Loud In Libraries: Ticketing and All Ages Policy – March 2020

Loud In Libraries: Ticketing and All Ages Policy – March 2020

Loud in Libraries CIC operate an ‘all ages welcome’ policy at all its live shows in accordance with its Audience Development Plan to generate new audiences into library spaces.

In practice this means no one under 18 will be asked to provide ID on the door to enter the venue. Children over 10 years old do not need an accompanying adult.

Loud in Libraries CIC also operates a ‘no-alcohol sales’ policy within its library venues in accordance with its Audience Development Plan and the Safe Gigs For Women and Girls Against initiative to ensure there is maximum inclusivity and gig safety afforded every ticket purchaser or potential ticket purchaser.

Ticket purchasers wishing to visit local pubs for consumption of drinks in the show’s interval are able to receive a ‘hand stamp’ to afford them re-entry to the venue. Security staff are instructed to examine hand stamps carefully to prevent fraudulent entry to the venue.

Any ticket purchaser demonstrating drunken behaviour or overtly sexual behaviour towards others will be immediately evicted from the venue, or not allowed in at official doors if demonstrating anti-social behaviour outside the venue.

Under 10s accompanying an adult do not have to purchase a ticket.

All children are welcome to Loud in Libraries live shows and ear plugs and ear defenders are provided for very young children and babies where requested. Please note Loud in Libraries CIC shows can get VERY LOUD and are programmed within intimate venues so do bring your own ear defenders if you wish to doubly ensure your children’s hearing isn’t adversely affected as pairs of ear defenders within the venue can run out if the event is particularly popular.

Nominated carers responsible for, or accompanying ticket carrying gig goers E.G. wheelchair users do not have to purchase a ticket for Loud in Libraries CIC shows.

If you are a wheelchair user wishing to seek an optimum and comfortable viewing space at a Loud In Libraries CIC show, please contact staff before the show and they will allow you priority access 10 minutes before official doors time.

If you are breastfeeding mother wishing to seek a private space to nurse your baby at a Loud In Libraries CIC show, please speak so staff and they will locate out a quiet space for you.

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